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High quality door solutions manufactured in Denmark

Door System supplies reliable, hardwearing door solutions, designed to match our customers’ individual requirements. We believe that quality pays in the end. Our primary focus is on our customers’ total cost of ownership. That is why we choose only the very best components for our door solutions.

Tegning med 2 kolber

Pharmaceutical industry

We deliver door solutions that live up to the strict requirements to materials, hygiene and reliability in the pharmaceutical industry. Read more.

Tegning med indkøbsvogn og dankort

Retail trade

Door System supply functional and hardwearing door solutions featuring all the facilities needed by a modern retail business. Read more.

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Food industry

We supply extremely strong, high-insulated door solutions to minimise the food industry's energy, operating and maintenance costs. Read more.

Tegning med flamme og dør

Fire solutions

Door System supply EI260-C fire doors, fire sliding doors, fire curtains and fire windows and we can advise you when investing in fire solutions. Read more.

Custom-designed roller door for retail

Door System's new roller door DS291 has been developed with an innovative frame solution to ensure optimal sealing at the bottom. When no light escapes, mice and rats will have a harder time finding their way in. Read more.

EI60 fire windows in hygiene design

Door System offers EI60 fire windows with an acid-resistant stainless-steel frame, AISI316. The fire windows meet the food and pharmaceutical industries’ stringent demands for hygiene. Read more.

Reliable EI260-C fire sliding door

Door System has developed a reliable and robust EI260-C fire sliding door. It comes as manually operated or as automatically operated with our well-known control panel. Read more.

Test of the freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall

We have performed (and had approved) an additional test of our new freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall, and with a new frame solution for the panel wall.

As always, the new tests were carried out at DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

New hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms

Door System has developed a new single-leaf hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms. The fire door is manufactured in Denmark and has been tested, installed in a heavy firewall, by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).

The door passed the critical time limits of 1 hour and then 1 hour and 8 minutes, giving it a more comprehensive range of applications.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

Climate accounts and LCA report – documentation of our environmental impacts

At Door System, we are aware of the responsibility we bear towards the climate as a result of the environmental impacts that our products and the production of doors and gates create. We work determinedly to map our CO2 emissions and document our environmental impact. We have reached out to our suppliers to get accurate data on their specific products. Similarly, we have worked to document our own production consumption.

Read more about our work with sustainability.

A fantastic journey through more than 25 years

Door System A/S could celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2023. Back in 1998, Preben Søndergaard, owner and CEO, started out on the kitchen counter in his Hasselager home. At the time, the philosophy was, and still is, that with an innovative mindset it is possible to create competitive door solutions of the highest quality - made in Denmark.

Today, Door System has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of doors and gates in Denmark with more than 70 employees.

Read the whole story here.

Optimising truck traffic and energy savings

For many companies, such as logistics and wholesale companies working with frozen goods, minimising the opening time of the doors to reduce energy costs is of great importance. At the same time, there is a need for an optimised product handling flow, where the opening and closing of the doors is adapted to the truck traffic. Perhaps a door also needs to be connected to a conveyor belt or in a sluice configuration with other doors?

All this is possible with Door System’s new customised door control - learn more here.

Fire doors passed the test with additional hardware and extra height

Our hinged fire doors – one double-leaf and two single-leaf fire doors – passed the test with a wide range of new options and additional hardware.

The double-leaf fire door was also tested with extra height and is now approved up to 2,540 mm

See the list of approved new options and additional hardware - click here.

Fire door installation in cold stores – a tricky affair

There are extensive requirements for testing and approval of the door solution, including any connected functions and equipment. At the same time, installation and frame construction are absolutely crucial in order to ensure that we meet the fire protection requirements and get a cold store with premium insulation.

During the past several years, Door System has supplied fire door solutions to many cold stores. Talk to us before planning your next project or call us if you are unsure how to proceed. Read more.

Solid, durable steel doors

We know that the retail trade requires robust steel doors that can withstand daily use and keep nocturnal guests out. Our hinged doors are made of the sturdiest material on the market and reinforced. At the same time, they are designed to minimise wear and collisions.

Learn more about the advantages of Door System’s hinged doors – click here.

DS700 roller door is opening

Roller doors

Door System's high-speed, low-noise roller doors are specially designed for supermarkets and warehouses, processing rooms and freezer rooms, and are custom-made to meet the customers’ particular needs and requirements on speed, hygiene, wind stability, cold impact and insulation.

Hinged door at REMA store

Hinged doors

Door System's hinged doors are fitted with sturdy stainless steel hinges, designed to allow them to be opened a full 180 degrees. This ensures free passage of goods through the doorway, thereby significantly reducing the risk of collisions with the back of the door leaf.

Fermod handle on hinged freezer door

Cold store and freezer room doors

Door System's cold store and freezer room doors are made in a simple, functional and wear-resistant design. We use materials with a high insulating capacity, and our doors come with thick gaskets to ensure that the doors closes completely tightly - saving you money on the heating bill.

Service agreements

Door System's service activities have grown markedly in recent years. Our service engineers are experienced and trained in performing service and installation jobs. Read more - click here.

Door Systems nye skydeport til renrum

Sliding doors

Sliding doors from Door System are efficient and reliable. Handles and fittings are all "hidden" and dimensioned to withstand collisions, heavy-handed use, high pace and strict hygiene requirements.

PD Mini polycarbonate swing door

Swing doors

At Door System we have developed our very own polycarbonate swing door, designed to last for many years. For instance, the hinges are designed with the spring integrated in the aluminum profile, so you will not need to drill a hole in the wall to accommodate it.

Strip curtain

Strip curtains

Strip curtains - a simple and inexpensive room divider which requires very little maintenance. Strip curtains are used to prevent draught, dust, heat, cold and noise. For instance, it is an obvious solution for livestock farming environments.

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