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Arla Food, Bov Mejeri

"The collision-protection that Door System has on their fast doors are simple, but genius - this is what we want!"

Tulip, Svenstrup

"The energy-calculations on the isolated fast-door convinced us, that we had to try it!"

INCO Denmark

"There was a lot of money to save in power - so we ordered 11 isolated fast-doors. Some of them moved up and down 50.000 times a month - and we don't experience any problems, that can't be solved by our own staff." 

Danish Crown Amba, Ringsted

"We have traded many doors with Door System - they always jump the gun, when we are in need of something" 

Fan Milk Ltd.

"The doors works flawlessly - and the problems, that we experience, are quickly clarified with a call to Door System!"

Claus Sørensen Engesvang

"Now the door has worked in three years and in relation to a new energy-saving-project Technological Institute have examined the company and estimated on a similar door. They have considered that the cost savings are close to 90.000 kWh on a yearly basis". 

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