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DS800 insulated high-roll speed door

- a customised solution for Frigoscandia

Ronny Landgren, operations and maintenance manager at Frigoscandia, had some very specific requirements to a roller door. Based on these requirements, Door System developed and installed the DS800, which will be a model for the future:

New roller doors save time and money

Frigoscandia’s co-operation with Door System about adaptation, testing and development of just the right doors for Frigoscandia’s many cold stores goes back a while.

At present Frigoscandia uses several uninsulated doors, but they do not perform well in terms of energy consumption, safety and veterinary requirements. Door System has installed customised DS800 Roller doors and already the results are positive.

Ronny Landgren says: “There is no frost and ice on the new doors, and inside the cold store, there is not much ice either.Now we no longer have to scrape the ice of the doors, which saves us time and money. We are also saving energy.If you stop for a moment and think about the difference between having a curtain and an insulated door to the cold store, you quickly realise how much money you can save.The creation of a cold atmosphere is expensive.”

One of the top-requirements for roller doors is reliability and the ability to make it operational quickly after a stoppage. According to Ronny Landgren, 95% of all stoppages are caused on impact with e.g. a forklift. The construction of the DS 800 enables them to fix the damage of the impact themselves.

“From time to time we have experienced that the door is not running smoothly due to collision damage, and the door cannot be blamed for that.We are very happy with the door, and we have to keep in mind that it operates in a very harsh environment. The temperature on either side of the door varies by 45 degrees centigrade.The door has to meet very tough requirements indeed,” Ronny Landgren says.

“Typically, the doors open and close about 200 times a day, and I give it an 8 out of 10 on the satisfaction scale,” Ronny Landgren says.

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