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New European standard for fire doors and fire sliding doors

The new European standard EN 16034 means that all fire sliding doors and external hinged doors are subject to CE marking and the classifications EI230 and EI260. Internal hinged doors and sliding doors for pedestrian traffic exclusively are not affected by the new rules. They must still be approved and marked in accordance with the Danish Standard, BD30 and BS60.

There's quite a lot to keep track of. Door System has invested a lot of resources in developing and testing according to the new European standard and has an in-depth knowledge of the new fire requirements. We can advise you to get the right fire solution.

Information about the new European rules

The new European standard raises the demands for what a fire door should be able to withstand — and there’s quite a lot to keep track of:

Do my fire doors meet the fire safety requirements? Am I allowed to change the lock in my new fire door? Can a fire door that comes with the CE label be mounted on all types of wall? Am I still allowed to buy BS60 / BD30 approved doors? Am I covered by my insurance if I do not have the new fire doors? Will a door with the right fire hazard class and CE label necessarily cover all my demands?

"I would be happy to tell you about the new rules and conditions that you must be aware of. Use the form below or contact me on phone +45 42 14 52 04, e-mail [email protected]", Brita Rosenbech, technical manager at Door System A/S.

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Increased focus on fire safety but the rules are trailing behind

Not all fire doors are covered by the new European EN 16034 standard and this causes confusion. You should also be aware that repeated testing and approval will be required if your fire door is to be fitted with new hardware or installed in a different type of wall.

Although the new European EN 16034 fire door standard came into effect four years ago this fall (11/01/2019), we are still waiting for the EN standard to come to apply to internal hinged fire doors and fire sliding doors exclusively for pedestrian traffic. For now, the European rules apply for external hinged doors and fire sliding doors for industrial applications only. A harmonization for all fire doors would bring more clarity but until such time, we have to act in accordance with the applicable rules.

Everything to be tested and approved

In principle, a fire door is approved only in the exact form in which it was tested, with limited possibility to adjust the size relative to the tested door.

In collaboration with the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) and in order to be able to offer as many additional choices and deselections as possible, Door System has an EXAP (Extended Application Report) prepared to allow us to fulfill more requirements from our customers in relation to height, width, installation of alarm, magnet, automatic control, braking system, etc. Based on this EXAP, DBI prepares a classification report which serves as proof of what the door is approved for.

If you want to change the type of wall, add a window or sealing or pedestrian door, etc., repeated fire testing is required.

Fire leaflet and information meetings

In connection with the new fire regulation, we have prepared an 8-page leaflet describing the current approvals and markings. It also includes a check list with elements specifically to be tested and approved. To receive the leaflet for free, please send an email to Kim Aschenberg på [email protected].

In addition, Door System will arrange information meetings about the new rules and matters to be specifically aware of. The information meetings will be held at the premises of customers or at our factory. Interested? Please contact our technical manager Brita Rosenbech on phone 42 14 52 04 or email [email protected] - or use the form above.

Door System fire solutions

Door System has spent a lot of resources developing and testing doors in accordance with the European standard and we will continue investing in fire solution development.

All fire testing is carried out at the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology and we implement the important processes from fire testing to CE marking in collaboration with DBI and DBI Certification.

We provide EI260-C fire doors, cold store fire doors, fire sliding doors, fire and smoke curtains, fire windows as well as consultancy services in relation to total solutions.

All our fire doors and fire sliding doors are manufactured in Denmark. Learn more about our fire solutions - click here.

From fire testing to CE marking in cooperation with DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology

All of Door System's solutions are fire tested at DBI – the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology, and all the important processes from fire testing to CE marking are completed in co-operation with DBI and DBI Certification.

What is the door approved for?

In principle, an approved fire test only allows the sale of a door similar to the specific door that has been tested and approved, with very limited possibility of adjusting its size.

An Extended Application Report (EXAP) will be prepared in cooperation between DBI and Door System so as to be able to offer as many options as possible.

The EXAP will allow us to meet more of our customers’ demands with respect to height, width, installation of alarms, magnets, automatics, braking system, etc. Based on the EXAP, DBI prepares a Classification Report to document which applications the door has been approved for.

“If you need to change the type of wall or add a window, sealings or a pedestrian door in the sliding door, a new fire test is required,” says Technical Manager Brita Rosenbech, Door System.

Review of our production processes

The next step is a review of our production processes and subsequent approval by DBI Certification, a so-called FPC approval (Factory Production Control). This will be carried out once a year starting this year, to ensure a uniform production of our products. This control will ensure that the requirements for traceability, control and documentation in accordance with EN 16034 are met during the manufacture of the fire doors. This is our way of guaranteeing our customers the same high quality product over and over again.

After having obtained the FPC approval, a CPR certificate is issued by DBI Certification.


When the Classification report and the CPR certificate are available, we can supply the fire sliding door with the CE-mark. The CE-mark, together with the Declaration of Performance, is documentation that the door has been approved in accordance with EN 16034.

For further information, please contact Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager, Door System, on phone +45 42 14 52 04 or e-mail [email protected]