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Customised door control improves the product handling flow

Door System’s new door control is specially developed and made in Denmark.

The door control offers a plethora of possibilities for interconnecting a door with other automatic installations, such as conveyor belts and other conveyor systems, and in sluice configurations with other doors.

Improved product handling flow

The new door control makes it possible to customise the activation of the doors according to the truck movements in the warehouse. This can help to improve the product handling flow, while also saving energy, as the doors are only open for the time it takes to move transport safely and efficiently through them.

ABDL fire surveillance and temperature control

The door control has built-in ABDL fire surveillance and is fitted with temperature control for energy optimisation, which means that the door can open and close at given temperatures. The door control can also operate in a wider temperature range from -40° to +80°, making it even more reliable.

Less wear and quiet

The built-in frequency converter permits adjustment of the door’s speed to match the traffic load. This ensures slow start-up and braking to reduce wear on the door while also reducing noise to a minimum. The control unit can be connected to a battery backup system that will kick in automatically in case of a power failure.

Can also be used for existing door solutions

Fundamentally speaking, the same control unit is used for both small and large doors - the only difference is the frequency converter’s rating. The new door control is backward compatible, allowing it to be used also for the customer’s existing solutions.

Optimising truck traffic and energy savings

The door control makes it possible to adapt the opening intervals to the truck traffic, so that the door opens exactly when the truck is about to pass through and closes the moment the truck is at a safe distance. The truck drivers need neither activate the door manually nor slow down when approaching. A radar system in the door control detects the movements of the truck and activates the door’s opening and closing mechanism.

The door control system ensures that the balance between traffic and energy savings is optimised as much as possible. You can achieve greater energy savings and improve the product handling flow.

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All imaginable situations integrated in the new door control

"The door control set-up plays a central role in the operations of many companies, and many different needs must be taken into account. All the valuable input from our customers has been used to inform our development efforts, and I like to think that all imaginable situations are integrated in the new control unit. It can work with and be set up for many different types of door. That, combined with the fact that only the best and latest components have been used, has resulted in a state-of-the-art door control", says Preben Søndergaard, owner and manager, Door System A/S.

Components of the highest quality and use of the latest software

Frequency converter with indicator and operating panel. The PCB comes with a large display (rather than an LCD display). The PCB is a 3rd generation product based on the latest software. The PCB is SMD soldered by robots and tested in temperatures from -30° to +80°. The unit includes a timing clock and a USB port for exporting data and for conveniently updating the software. The door control has 30,000 lines of log memory used to gather information on collisions and times, temperatures, etc.

98 terminals - one cable only for each terminal

The new door control features no less than 98 terminals and is designed to comply with all regulatory requirements on having one cable only in each terminal. This also makes set-up and fault correction on the door much easier, since all the set-ups can be inspected separately. The colour-coded cabling used by Door System will also facilitate over-the-phone service to the customer.

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