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Tican abattoir

DS800 insulated high-roll speed door

– Top marks in terms of safety, energy savings and veterinary standards at Tican.

We interviewed Jørgen Gabel, repair and maintenance manager at Tican Fjerritslev, and asked him whether DS800 meets his expectations. Better safety, less energy consumption, improved veterinary standards are the immediate results. Read the full interview below:

Why did Tican in Fjerritslev invest in a DS800 door?

“By installing the DS800, we solved several problems in just one go: a veterinary problem, an energy problem and a safety problem. We used to have bi-directional swing doors installed in our cold store, but the doors did not shut firmly. As a result, frost would form on the ceiling, which the veterinary authorities did not accept.”

“Since the installation of the new doors, we have had no frost on the ceiling ­ a good indication that the door is saving us a lot of energy.”

“Safety was another issue. Frost would prevent the forklift driver from seeing what was on the other side of the old swing door. The new door allows the driver to see if there is something on the other side when he enters the room.”

For how long have you had the door, and have you had any stoppages?

“Having had the old swing door since 1977, the new door was installed in January 2008. As a matter of fact, our first stoppage happened today, and I have just called for a fitter. We are covered by the warranty, so until now we have not had any maintenance expenses.”

What is your candid opinion about the reliability of the door?

“I believe the door is very reliable. We only had to make some fine adjustments in the beginning, but generally, the door is reliable and very stable.”

How much energy do you save using the new door?

“That depends on how much we produce and supply. We do have one area measurement. According to the calculations that Mads Borne from Door System has made for us, the door will pay for itself in three years – by virtue of energy savings, that is. That speaks volumes!”

Has the door been damaged due to collision?

“No! It is not that easily damaged; it may be pushed out of its tracks. But then it just has to be put back into place – no problem for the forklift driver.”

How many operations does the door run a day?

“It depends on how much we produce, but on average about 150 operations a day.”

If you were to give your DS800 door a mark , what would it be?

“It is still early days, but I feel safe in giving it a B for now.”

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