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Expert advice on doors

When it comes to a door or a gate solution, it is not just a question of filling a hole in a wall; it is also part of the logistics and the product flow. A door or a gate that does not function optimally and is literally in the way, will in most cases cause serious ‘traffic jams’. If your gate solution is important, then let us advise you. The right door solution is almost always the cheapest solution, at least in the long run.

Food industry, pharmaceutical industry and retail trade

Door System's doors are particularly suitable for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the retail trade. We have built up in-depth knowledge of requirements and challenges in the three market areas and can advise on choices and options in relation to the optimal door solution.

Solutions for the food industry – click here
Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry – click here
Solutions for the retail trade – click here

Advice on fire solutions

The new European standard for fire doors raises the demands for what a fire door should be able to withstand – and there’s quite a lot to keep track of. Door System has invested a lot of resources in developing and testing according to the European standard and can advise you on the rules and conditions that you must be aware of.

We advise on fire solutions – click here

New issue of the magazine Fire & Safety

In today's building industry, there is focus on fire safety, and the requirements for fire solution documentation have increased in numbers.

Everything must be tested and approved. In principle, a fire door is approved only in the exact form in which it was tested, with limited possibility to adjust the size relative to the tested door.

At the same time, not all fire doors are covered by the new European EN 16034 standard and this causes confusion.

Read the new issue of the magazine Fire & Safety (Danish) - click here.

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