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Getting an overview of the savings potential

With expert advice from Door System you will have an overview of the energy savings offered by our different models. Especially where great temperature differences are concerned, it is essential that you opt for the right door/gate solution. You only have to give us a few details, and we will have some very useful advice for a new and effective door solution.

We have asked the Danish Technological Institute to develop a calculation programme to help us give expert advice on different door solutions. 

A calculated basis for decision-making

To gain an overview and a good basis for decision-making, Door System offers a calculation of what your current solution costs in kWh compared to the solution we offer.

If you supply us with a few details about your present situation, we can quickly provide a calculation of your potential energy and CO2 savings.

Please give us the following information and you will soon learn where savings can be made:

- Inside and outside temperature
- Number of open hours today
- Amount of ’traffic’ through the door
- Annual number of working days

We offer this energy saving advice free of charge for you and your company.

Order an energy calculation online or call: +45 86 92 11 71

Getting an overview of the savings potential

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