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Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

We deliver durable door solutions that live up to the strict requirements to materials, hygiene and reliability in the pharmaceutical industry. Door System doors are developed specifically for maximum reliability, which is paramount in pharmaceutical companies, and for a top clinical production environment.

Easy access to 100 % cleaning. Automatic controls encapsulated in stainless and water- proof boxes. No visible screws or fitting plugs. Interlock system between doors. Safety sensors on all automatic doors. These a just some of the details that make our doors the right choice for pharmaceutical companies.


Door System has developed a 100 % cleanable line of products specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Doors without hidden cavities or edges that can gather dust. Constructed so that the water runs off. Everything that needs to be cleaned can be cleaned. The rest is encapsulated and has no contact with the surroundings.

Pressure difference ou to 15 Pa

We are aware that pharmaceutical companies for clinical reasons create overpressure in production areas. This means a pressure difference in the doorway between two rooms. We have therefore designed the doors to function in surroundings with a pressure difference of up to 15 pascal.


Hygiene design and strict fire requirements

"With 12 years of experience in the door industry, I have built up a competence in refrigeration/frost, hygiene/cleanroom and fire requirements. I have helped many major pharmaceutical companies and often advised architects and engineering consultants. I would like to help you - please contact me on phone +45 42 14 52 02 or e-mail [email protected]" Søren Rahbek, sales manager at Door System A/S

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New pharma sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed this sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C.

The sliding rail and automation unit are completely closed off. There are no edges or cavities that can collect dirt. It is very easy to clean and easy to wipe off, for example, at the bottom photocell and the sloping edges.

The door has been developed with 10 mm of air all the way around, so it is easy to control the air pressure for those responsible for HVAC (ventilation). There are no less than 6 security functions that monitor the door, for example, radar is mounted in the casing, both at the front and behind the door leaf so that it does not hit anyone when the door opens.

The control for the door is hidden in the casing, so you avoid having to make room for a control unit next to the door. The casing can be made so that it goes all the way to the ceiling and is just closed with a silicone strip.  If the ceiling is tall, the casing can be constructed as a closed box with a sloping edge, so that dirt does not accumulate.

New pharma sliding door

DS320P roller door – developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry

Door System's roller door DS320P has been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, where hygiene and reliability are paramount. There are no hidden cavities or edges that gather dirt. Motor and gears are placed in a waterproof stainless steel box outside the roll. The frame legs are made in 2 mm stainless steel and can easily be removed using a screwdriver to enable cleaning inside the casing and around the curtain. Read more.

New fire curtain does not require much space

Door System offers a new and unique Fibershield®-I EI260-C fire curtain which meets the elevated fire safety requirements and does not require lots of wall space - an efficient and ideal solutions for e.g. retail outlets. Read more.

Hinged door at Novo in Kalundborg

Hinged doors – durability, safety and insulation

Door System's hinged doors are made to measure according to your specifications and are supplied in various door leaf thicknesses. We use materials with high insulating capacity and our doors come with thick gaskets which help ensure a tight close - saving you money on the heating bill.

Fermod handle on freezer door

Cold store and freezer room doors with high insulating capacity

Door System's cold store and freezer room doors are made in a simple, functional and wear-resistant design. We use materials with a high insulating capacity, and our doors come with thick gaskets to ensure that the doors closes completely tightly - saving you money on the heating bill.