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Top quality sliding door system

DS Door Kit is a self-assembly kit for the production of freezer and cold store doors. Combine a locally manufactured door leaf with the DS Door Kit, and get a top quality sliding door. The solution is developed and optimised based on years of experience combined with an in-depth knowledge of market demands.

The DS Door Kit contains all the parts you need to install on your door leaf to achieve a high quality sliding door. The Kit is designed for easy assembly and maintenance. Also available as an automatic kit.

Sturdy and thoroughly tested kit

The sliding rail is designed to provide a high load carrying capacity, complete with an optional sliding direction. The rollers operate with a 20 mm cable and are easy to tighten and loosen again. The frames can be delivered in aluminium or stainless steel, both with room for heating cable and safety sensors for the automatic doors.

The aluminium profile is capped with an arched profile to ensure an optimum seal of the sealing strip and is buttressed to avoid denting during assembly. The aluminium seal is easy to disassemble providing easy access when changing a heating cable.

Bottom seal and bottom guide rail for freezer doors

There are two options for freezer doors; closed or open bottom seal, both are mounted beneath the door leaf along with the bottom guide rail. The closed model is a well-known solution, which is still widely used. The aluminium profile is constructed to hold 3 heating cables.

The open bottom seal and bottom guide rail is a cheaper alternative to the closed model. It comes in the same high quality, and the open model ensures reduced friction, when the door hits the floor. The aluminium profiles are made with a dual track, providing space for 3 heating cables.

Stainless steel handle

The edge handle is made from Ø22 mm stainless steel and reinforced by a 4 mm stainless steel sheet. The bearing is designed for use in high hygiene environments. The impact angle is constructed in a heavy-duty material to prevent bending when closing large, heavy doors. Furthermore, it has rounded edges to avoid wear and tear to the rubber strip. A torque handle also made from stainless steel is mounted on the inside.

DS Door Kit gallery

DS Door Kit Parts and Components

Selected DS Door Kit features

The torque handle on the back side of the door is produced in stainless steel, where plastic is more commonly used. This advantage increases the product's service life remarkable.

The alu profiles on the doorblade is designed to contain both the heating cable and the cable for photocells. Whereas competitive products only allows space for the heating cable. This ensures a better finish and secures the photocell cable and makes it less exposed.

The sealing strips on sides and bottom are produced in the same height, which leaves a levelled passage. This makes the sealing better and leaves no gaps.

The sliding rail has an increased load carrying capacity, therefore you are able to supply bigger and heavier doors to your customer.

The DS Door Kit alu profiles are produced in 20 my anodized aluminium to prevent erosion and maintain a better look even after 10 years of use.

The impact angles are designed with rounded edges to prevent wear and tear on the sealing strips.

The limit stop on the sliding rail is made in a way where it can handle a lot of impacts without breaking.

So if you will guarantee high quality sliding doors for your customers, DS Door Kit would be the right solution for you.

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