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Fire doors, fire sliding doors, fire windows, fire curtains and smoke curtains

Door System invests a great amount of ressources in developing and testing EI₂60-C fire doors and fire sliding doors according to the new European standard. We are really far ahead when it comes to EI₂60-C doors and sliding doors and can advise companies to get the right fire solution.

Among our solutions is the EI260-C fire sliding door. Most recently, we have developed a brand new single-leaf hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms

Door System offers EI60 and EI30 fire windows with tempered fire glass as well as tempered and laminated fire glass.

We can also offer fire curtains. They do not take up much space above the opening and at the sides relative to fire sliding doors. In addition to fire curtains, we also offer smoke curtains.

Test of the freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall

We have performed (and had approved) an additional test of our new freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall, and with a new frame solution for the panel wall.

As always, the new tests were carried out at DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

New hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms

Door System has developed a new single-leaf hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms. The fire door is manufactured in Denmark and has been tested by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).

The door passed the critical time limits of 1 hour and then 1 hour and 8 minutes, giving it a more comprehensive range of applications.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

Fire door installation in cold stores – a tricky affair

There are extensive requirements for testing and approval of the door solution, including any connected functions and equipment. At the same time, installation and frame construction are absolutely crucial in order to ensure that we meet the fire protection requirements and get a cold store with premium insulation.

During the past several years, Door System has supplied fire door solutions to many cold stores. Talk to us before planning your next project or call us if you are unsure how to proceed. Read more.

Fire doors passed the test with additional hardware and extra height

Our hinged fire doors – one double-leaf and two single-leaf fire doors – passed the test with a wide range of new options and additional hardware.

The double-leaf fire door was also tested with extra height and is now approved up to 2,540 mm

See the list of approved new options and additional hardware - click here.

EI60 fire windows

Door System offers EI60 and EI30 fire windows with tempered fire glass as well as tempered and laminated fire glass.

The fire window comes with an acid-resistant stainless-steel frame, AISI316. The frame is smooth on the front, and the fire window is installed with a chamfered architrave and a chamfered installation list at the bottom. This makes the solution easy to clean, and it meets the food and pharmaceutical industries’ stringent demands for hygiene.

Read more about our EI60 fire windows - click here.


New fire sliding door for pharmaceutical company

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed this sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C. The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for doors and door solutions, not least in terms of hygiene and safety. Door System's new certified fire sliding door has been adapted to the pharmaceutical requirements and was part of the delivery. Read more about the new sliding door.

Fire and smoke curtains by Stöbich

Fire curtains

Fire protection curtains are sealing openings in walls and ceilings in case of fire. The constructional set-up (rolling- or folding technology) and the use of different fabrics offer a wide application spectrum as well as different protection targets or classifications and fire classes. Casings and side guides of those flexible applicable systems are integrated almost invisible in the building and provide much scope for design of sophisticated architecture for opened designs.


The Fibershield®-I system is the latest generation of thermally insulated textile fire protection gates by Stöbich.


The economical textile fire protection closure with the highest level of standardisation.


The textile horizontal fire protection closure without disturbing supporting or tensioning ropes

Smoke curtains

A smoke curtain is a part of an unit keeping areas free from smoke and may include building parts like natural smoke and heat venting systems (EN 12101-2) and automatic smoke and heat venting systems (EN 12101-3). Smoke curtains restrict thereby the movement of fire gases inside a building in case of fire.


The traditional automatic smoke curtain to match highest demands and large dimensions.


The passable smoke barrier, but still ground-closing.

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