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RaXit® - new door gasket against rats

Rat attacks in retail stores have enormous impact. Stores have to close down while the attack is ongoing and during the clean-up process afterwards. A new patented door gasket RaXit® ensures that rats can’t get through the door gap.

Door System can offer door solutions with RaXit®. RaXit® can also be delivered in linear metre lengths for direct replacement to existing doors.

Reinforced, stainless wires

RaXit® door gasket consists of a rubber- and plastic blend Santoprene™ and 10 stainless wires, 1 mm in diameter. These 10 stainless wires work as reinforcement and make RaXit® gasket incredible strong and durable. RaXit® gasket can be used for closing both vertical and horizontal door gap.

Adjusted customer needs

RaXit® gasket can be adjusted customer needs and e.g. mounted with tree frames for matching a tree door or frames in stainless steel for protecting gasket and door against kicks and minor collisions. The frame can be chosen so mounting meets legal requirements regarding material choice, depending on company type.

Test at accredited institute

RaXit® gasket has been tested at an accredited institute and passed the test. Test report extract can be sent on request.

Væsentlige RaXit egenskaber

RaXit door gasket mounted on a door

Strong and durable solution

RaXit® gasket incredible strong and durable. It replaces normal brush strip, which rats gnaw their way through with relative ease.

RaXit door gasket showing reinforced stainless wires

Reinforced, stainless wires

By test at accredited institute, rats tried to gnaw their way through both horizontal and vertical RaXit® gasket – without breaking through.

RaXit door gasket with optimal sealing

Closing vertical door gap

Two horizontal RaXit® gaskets are mounted with overlap for closing lower part of vertical gap (8 mm).

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