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Reliable sliding doors developed for your needs

Sliding doors from Door System are efficient and reliable. Our sliding doors are available for cold store rooms, freezer rooms and clean rooms. We manufacture the doors according to your specifications and with various door leaf thicknesses.

The sliding doors are supplied either as manually or automatically operated doors. All risks of pinch injuries are minimised and our doors always comply with the latest safety requirements. The sliding door can be integrated with other automatic installations, such as belt conveyor, lock systems and washing machines.

Reliable sliding doors for cold store rooms

Door System's sliding doors for cold store rooms are efficient and reliable. Handles and fittings are all "hidden" and dimensioned to withstand collisions, heavy-handed use, high pace and strict hygiene requirements. We manufacture the doors according to your specifications. The sliding doors for cold store rooms are available with a door leaf thickness of 60 mm to 100 mm. Read more.

Sliding doors for freezer rooms with high insulation capacity

We use materials with high insulating capacity and our doors come with thick gaskets. The sliding doors have embedded bottom rail with hot wires, and there are hot wires in the door frame and the door leaf. The doors are made to measure. The sliding doors for freezer rooms are available with a door leaf thickness of 100 mm to 150 mm. Read more.

Sliding door for clean room class C

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed this sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C. The sliding rail and automation unit are completely closed off. There are no edges or cavities that can collect dirt. It is very easy to clean and easy to wipe off, for example, at the bottom photocell and the sloping edges. Read more.

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