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Swing doors – ideal for areas with heavy traffic

At Door System we have developed our very own swing door, designed to last for many years. For instance, the hinges are designed with the spring integrated in the aluminum profile, so you will not need to drill a hole in the wall to accommodate it.

High traffic loads – two areas

Industrial traffic doors are suitable for areas with high traffic loads where you need to effectively separate two areas, such as cold/heat, dark/light or clean/dirty. The hygienic materials chosen make the door perfect for use in the food industry, and it is often used in bakeries, butcher shops, canteens or industrial kitchens. However, the door is also frequently used in supermarkets and other places where e.g. a storage area needs to be separated from a retail area.

Polycarbonate swing doors

Polycarbonate swing doors are cost-efficient, extremely strong and optimised for areas with heavy traffic. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic which is rather light but nevertheless hard and resistant to for instance heat and cold. As the material is next to break-proof, it is ideal for use in swing doors. Read more.

PC door fore solution

In collaboration with the retail industry, we have developed a combined solution: an EI260-C fire door and a polycarbonate swing door. The combination door complies with the current fire requirements in accordance with the European standard. There are many options, and we are happy to help you find the right solution which can be approved by the fire authorities. Read more.

Insulated swing doors

Our insulated swing doors are made to measure and available with a door leaf thickness of 40 mm. We use materials with a high insulating value. The steel plates have a thickness of at least 0.8 mm. For a more robust door, we recommend installing kick plates or impact brackets. The swing door is also available with a window. Read more.

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