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Door solutions for the retail business

Door System supply door solutions, to keep uninvited guests out while meeting retailers' need for speed, security and state-of-the-art control units. Door System co-operates with some of the country’s largest retail chains, which has led to the development of a number of modern, functional and hardwearing door solutions.

Strong and robust door solutions

At Door System, we always have the specific requirements of the business in mind: Fast-working solutions, which will reduce staff waiting time, the importance of burglar protection and state-of-the-art control units featuring all the facilities needed by a modern company

We are close to the market and ensure that you will always have the optimum solutions

"I have been working with door solutions for the retail industry for 12 years and have a wide and deep experience regarding the requirements on fire safety and escape routes. The retail market is subject to constant improvement and optimisation, and I can advise you on all the current developments in your field. Often we can develop a custom-made solution together - so call me on phone +45 42 14 52 06 or e-mail [email protected]", Pia Norup, Area Sales Manager Detail, Door System A/S


Custom-made solution: an EI260-C fire door and a polycarbonate swing door

Fire safety requirements for door solutions get a lot of attention, also in the retail trade. Often there is only little room and it is essential to make efficient use of every square metre.

"In collaboration with the retail industry, we have developed a combined solution: an EI260-C fire door and a polycarbonate swing door (click on the picture to enlarge). The combination door complies with the current fire requirements in accordance with the European standard. There are many options, and we are happy to help you find the right solution which can be approved by the fire authorities", Pia Norup, Area Sales Manager Detail, Door System.

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NEW! Custom-designed roller door for the retail trade

Rats are a real plague to the retail trade. The shops have to stay closed while the rats are being trapped, and also when it is time to clean up after them.

Door System's new roller door DS291 has been developed with an innovative frame solution to ensure optimal sealing at the bottom. When no light escapes, mice and rats will have a harder time finding their way in.

The roller door is also less sensitive to wind and more robust thanks to the new door frame solution. Furthermore, it has been equipped with various functions to improve safety.

Learn more about our all-new DS291 roller door – click here.

High security steel doors

At Door System we know that retailers need robust steel doors able to withstand the strains of heavy use during the day and keep out uninvited guests at night. This is why we have developed our ”atom door”. These doors are built from some of the strongest materials available on the market and are made with frames in 2.0 mm steel which makes them stronger and more secure. Read more.

Learn more about the advantages of Door System’s hinged doors – click here.

New fire curtain does not require much space

Door System offers a new and unique Fibershield®-I EI260-C fire curtain which meets the elevated fire safety requirements and does not require lots of wall space - an efficient and ideal solutions for e.g. retail outlets. Read more.

Fire door for cold store

EI₂60-C fire doors for cold store rooms, tested and CE marked

Door System has invested a great amount of ressources in developing and testing according to the new European standard, og we can supply 1- og 2-leafed EI₂60-C fire doors for cold store rooms, approved and CE marked.

PD Mini polycarbonate swing door

Swing doors – ideal for areas with heavy traffic

We have developed our very own polycarbonate swing door, designed to last for many years. For instance, the hinges are designed with the spring integrated in the aluminum profile, so you will not need to drill a hole in the wall to accommodate it.

DS260 roller door mounted in Kvickly in Odder

Price competitive alu roller door does not take up much space

Door System has developed a very price competitive DS260 roller door. The high-speed roller door has frame legs and a bottom-bar in aluminum and is for internal use in areas without particular wind-load. The alu roller door does not take up much space.

Use the door to spread your message or decorate the room

Door System has in cooperation with two printing companies developed a concept for printing pictures on our curtain. So instead of the boring blue or grey colour, you now have the possibility to print a message or just decorate the room with a picture on the curtain. See more.

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