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Test of the freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall

We have performed (and had approved) an additional test of our new freezer room fire door installed in plaster board and panel wall, and with a new frame solution for the panel wall.

As always, the new tests were carried out at DBI - The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

New hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms

Door System has developed a new single-leaf hinged EI260-C fire door for freezer rooms. The fire door is manufactured in Denmark and has been tested, installed in a heavy firewall, by the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).

The door passed the critical time limits of 1 hour and then 1 hour and 8 minutes, giving it a more comprehensive range of applications.

Read more about our new fire door for freezer rooms.

Climate accounts and LCA report – documentation of our environmental impacts

At Door System, we are aware of the responsibility we bear towards the climate as a result of the environmental impacts that our products and the production of doors and gates create. We work determinedly to map our CO2 emissions and document our environmental impact. We have reached out to our suppliers to get accurate data on their specific products. Similarly, we have worked to document our own production consumption.

Read more about our work with sustainability.

Our fire doors passed the test with additional hardware and extra height

Our hinged fire doors – one double-leaf and two single-leaf fire doors – have been tested with a wide range of new options and additional hardware, including automatics, new lock cases, radar, and new glass types. Test of EL574 motor lock case with a security strike plate was a specific wish by one of our major pharmaceutical customers.

The double-leaf fire door was also tested with extra height and is now approved up to 2,540 mm.

See the list of approved new options and additional hardware below.

The fire doors passed the test with the following hardware and new options:

  • Motor lock case EL574
  • Strike EA342
  • Salto lock SX4
  • New type of door closer
  • Window glass CF60-3. Both general fire glass and thermo fire glass. The glasses are hardened and can be laminated (the fire glass itself functions as laminated due to gel and therefore does not need lamination)
  • 4 new types of sealant. Both food-approved and FDA-approved sealant available.
  • Cable loop with tube from door leaf to frame, as well as electrical box mounted on the frame
  • Rat door gasket at the bottom of the door leaf
  • Dog bolts on the rear edge of the door leaf
  • Espagnolette (can be used both with and without an approved automatic espagnolette)
  • Panic bar and associated lock case according to EN 1125
  • Automatic
  • Sensor for automation on both sides of the door leaf
  • Flatscan radar on both sides of the door leaf
  • The height of double-leaf fire doors is approved up to 2,540 mm
  • Doorstep of 25 mm

As always, the test was carried out by the Danish Fire and Security Institute (DBI).

See the new certificate for our fire doors.

Minimising energy loss when handling goods from freezer rooms

Supply as well as consumption of energy is a topical challenge, and when it comes to industrial doors, there is great potential for energy savings. Take the freezer rooms in food industry as an example.

Product handling and transport of frozen goods to and from the freezer room have always involved loss of energy when the doors between the storage halls open. The difference in temperature of -26oC and +12oC from one hall to the other results in large energy losses if the door is left open for a long time. A high-speed door with rapid opening and closing times can help minimise the energy loss.

Rapid roll freezer doors and a new door control

Our DS800 and DS850 high-speed doors have been developed specifically for freezer rooms. The specially developed door cloth has a thickness of 43 mm and insulation overlap – a special sealing system – prevents the occurrence of thermal bridges.

The rapid opening speeds of up to 2.0 m/sec of the freezer room door will help minimise the opening time. It is also crucial that the opening intervals should be adapted to the truck traffic, so that the door opens exactly when the truck is about to pass through and closes the moment the truck is at a safe distance.

An intelligent door control with an integrated frequency converter will see to this and ensure slow acceleration and deceleration of the door. This reduces wear and tear on the door and ensures exceptionally low-noise operation despite the rapid opening and closing speed.

To learn more about energy savings with our DS800 and DS850 rapid roll freezer doors and our new door control, click here.

For further information or requests, please contact Jan Christensen, Area Sales Manager Food on phone +45 42 14 52 07 or e-mail [email protected]

New custom-designed roller door for the retail trade

Rats are a real plague to the retail trade. The shops have to stay closed while the rats are being trapped, and also when it is time to clean up after them.

Door System's new roller door DS291 has been developed with an innovative frame solution to ensure optimal sealing at the bottom. When no light escapes, mice and rats will have a harder time finding their way in.

The roller door is also less sensitive to wind and more robust thanks to the new door frame solution. Furthermore, it has been equipped with various functions to improve safety.

Learn more about our all-new DS291 roller door – click here.

Brita Rosenbech has been appointed technical manager

Brita Rosenbech has been appointed technical manager at Door System and will be responsible for our PTA team. Brita has been quality manager and part of the management team since 2018.

With the appointment, Door System wants to focus even more on the technical field and strengthen the PTA function. The requirements for technical documentation and quality assurance of door solutions have increased significantly in recent years, especially within the fire protection area – a significant market area for us.

The PTA department is a key feature of our production flow – and even more so as order volumes increase. We develop, manufacture and install customised door solutions, and it is in the PTA department that customer requirements and wishes are visualised and drawings prepared before the order is put into production.

“We want to structure the processes even more when developing door solutions— between sales and PTA and from PTA to production, and the idea is to involve the PTA department further in the development. At the same time, the processes must be supported by detailed descriptions, including all information from the customer. All of this to ensure there is no doubt about the task and the solution,” says Brita Rosenbech.

Managing director Preben Søndergaard elaborates: “The PTA department is central to our company, especially when things are moving as fast as they are right now. It requires a logical structure – something that Brita excels in. Together with the PTA team, she will see to it that the tasks are completed safely and in accordance with customer demands and expectations.”

For further information, please contact our CEO Preben Søndergaard on phone 42 14 52 00 or by e-mail [email protected]

Door System calling for more clarity on fire safety rules

Internal hinged fire doors and fire sliding doors exclusively for pedestrian traffic do not as yet fall within the scope of the new European standard EN 16034; therefore, they cannot be CE marked. The Danish door manufacturer Door System A/S calls for more clarity about the rules and are ready to help customers and consultants come to terms with the documentation of their door installations.

The new European standard EN 16034 means that all fire sliding doors and external hinged doors are subject to CE marking and the classifications EI230 and EI260. Internal hinged doors and sliding doors for pedestrian traffic exclusively are not affected by the new rules. They must still be approved and marked in accordance with the Danish Standard, BD30 and BS60.

Safety first

Though it seems simple enough, it is not!

“Many customers express a demand for a high degree of safety for their entire door solution, and they often ask for CE marked doors for indoor solutions. Having been tested in accordance with the stricter rules, CE marked doors basically provide better fire protection than doors marked in accordance with the DS approval,” says Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager at Door System A/S, and she goes on,

“If we install doors approved in accordance with the European standard EN 16034 inside a building, we cannot CE mark them, as this standard does not apply to indoor solutions. It becomes a problem when the fire protection consultants who are going to approve or inspect the solution cannot easily tell, that approved doors have been installed in the building.

In close dialogue with customers

At Door System we are always ready to give professional advice on the best fire door solution.

“We are still waiting for the EN standard to come to apply to internal hinged fire doors and fire sliding doors exclusively for pedestrian traffic. Until then, we will be in close contact with customers, many of whom are unyielding in their demand for fire door solutions offering the highest degree of safety. They choose the products CE-marked for external use/pedestrian traffic and spend the necessary resources to document and get the acceptance for the internal use of the products. This is where the fire protection consultants will benefit greatly from the classification report which describes, in detail, what the fire door has been approved for,” says Brita Rosenbech.

Quick-freezing preserves the good taste

When our Finnish customer Marja Bothnia Berries gets fresh berries from the forest, it is important, that the taste of the berries are best preserved before they are transported to the customers around Europe. This is ensured by quick-freezing, and many tons are handled in a short time, e.g. with the use of Door Systems rapid roll freezer doors. We have just sent five new DS850 high-speed roller doors to Finland.

Marja Bothnia already has DS800 high-speed freezer doors installed at the factory, and in several places in very limited space. With narrow turns and heavy pallets, contact is almost inevitable, and here the flexible door curtain on the DS800 and DS850 is very resilient. Furthermore, the high opening and closing speed is an energy-optimal solution that saves money on the energy bill and has a positive impact on the CO2-accounts.

If you face challenges like Marja Bothnia Berries, then the DS800 or DS850 high-speed freezer doors could be the solution.

Read more: DS800 and DS850 rapid roll freezer doors

Tested and approved: Door System’s fire sliding door mounted in a panel wall - with a pedestrian door and windows

Our fire sliding door has been tested and approved with a pedestrian door, sealings and a window, and mounted in a panel wall. As always, the fire resistance test was performed at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI), and the fire sliding door achieved the important 1 hour and 8 minutes resistance rating, which means a lot when it comes to the application potential of the sliding door.

We now offer fire sliding doors tested and approved for panel walls. A panel wall moves a lot under fire and requires a specially developed frame to ensure that it works well with the sliding door. Therefore, the sliding door must also be tested when installed in a panel wall.

As always, the fire protection test was carried out at DBI, The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology. The fire sliding door was tested in a panel wall with a pedestrian door, windows and seals. The pedestrian door had level-free access and will be able to function as an escape route. Windows had been installed in the pedestrian door as well as the sliding door. 

“At the moment, there is a growing demand for fire sliding doors installed in panel walls with pedestrian door and windows; therefore, it was important to have the entire solution tested and approved", says Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager at Door System.

Achieving the important threshold limit of 1h and 8 min.

The fire sliding door sustained the initial essential time limit of 1 hour and then 1 hour and 8 minutes, which means increased application potential. The last minutes are crucial.

An Extended Application Report, EXAP, is prepared in cooperation between DBI and Door System to diversify and customise our product line. The EXAP allows Door System to meet various customer demands, such as height, width, location of the window, door, lock box, painting of the door, installation of kick plates, etc.

Based on the EXAP, DBI draws up a Classification Report documenting the approval of the door and describing, in detail, what the fire sliding door has been approved for.

As part of the approval process, DBI paid a visit to Door System before the fire protection test was performed to monitor and approve the assembly of the door.

“All in all, the process shows that the demands for fire protection, and not least the proper documentation, have become much more stringent. Test, approval and CE marking are now in accordance with the new European standard EN 16034, which has replaced the Danish standard DS 1052", says Brita Rosenbech.

Fire Doors — a new trade committee within the Danish Trade Organisation for Safety and Security with focus on fire protection

“Sikkerhedsbranchen” – the Danish Trade Organisation for Safety and Security – has set up a new trade committee, “Fire Doors”, which will be dealing with fire sliding doors, fire curtains, external hinged fire doors, fire shutter doors, etc. The committee will help ensure fire protection solutions of a high quality for Danish companies.

“We welcome the new trade committee. Now we have a forum where we can discuss fire preventive solutions with other players in the market. Closer cooperation will also contribute to keeping us up-to-date with the latest know-how in the area, for instance new standards and regulations,” says Technical Manager Brita Rosenbech, Door System, who has been appointed vice-chairperson of the new committee.

Complex area with many requirements and regulations

Door solutions are an essential part of fire protection in buildings. It is also a complex area requiring great knowledge and insight in order to meet current requirements and regulations. More stringent fire protection regulations were introduced in November 2019. This meant that for instance sliding doors and external fire doors, must be approved and CE marked in accordance with a new European standard, EN 16034. The old fire classes BD30 and BS60 were replaced by the new El230 and El260 fire classes.

“The trade committee can help spread information about fire protection solutions and effective fire protection to Danish companies as well as information about new requirements and instructions,” says Brita Rosenbech.

The committee has just held a founding meeting. A working programme was prepared by the management of the committee, which they will get to work on in cooperation with secretariat of the Danish Trade Organisation for Safety and Security.

“The first points to consider are the possibility of a certification scheme, product quality and information exchange as well as continuous exchange of experience and updating of standards, requirements and CE marking, among others. We now have a voice to affect the industry, an important asset which will contribute to improve fire protection in companies,” says Brita Rosenbech in conclusion.

For more information please contact Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager, Door System A/S. Call (+45) 42 14 52 04, or send an e-mail to: [email protected] 

Stringent requirements for door systems in the food industry

Door System is experiencing two major trends in the food industry: Stringent fire safety requirements and hygienic design to avoid contamination.

“Naturally, a clean environment is crucial, so our doors must be able to withstand e.g. cleaning with fairly harsh cleaning agents. In the development of our doors, we prioritise stainless steel frames, solid hinges and full sealing strips integrated in the front and rear door plate, so that they close perfectly tight,” explains Søren Rahbek, sales manager at Door System, and he adds that the pivot points on the hinges are designed so that the sealing strips follow the rotation and do not twist on the frame. This minimises wear on the rubber strips.

Increased focus on fire safety

Fire safety is another area that attracts a lot of attention from companies. This is especially the case in relation to employee safety in the workplace, and the requirements have been significantly intensified, most recently with the new rules that came into force on 1 November 2019. According to the new rules, fire doors must be approved as well as CE marked in accordance with the new European standard.

“Obtaining insurance can also be a challenge for the large food companies. Therefore, they place great demands on the fire resistance of the doors and not least the documentation of such resistance. Our door solutions have undergone numerous tests to meet the latest EU requirements and qualify for approval by the insurance companies,” says Søren Rahbek.

Read more about our fire sliding doors.

For further information or requests, please contact Søren Rahbek on phone +45 42 14 52 02 or e-mail [email protected]

Door System agrees UK distribution with Miramar Engineering

As part of the strategic plan for the strengthening of Door System’s position on the UK market and our wish to expand Door System’s services throughout the UK, Door System and Miramar Engineering Ltd have initiated co-operation for the sale and servicing of Door System’s quality doors in the UK.

From August 2020 the operation of Door System activities in the UK will therefore be undertaken by its dedicated UK distribution partner, Miramar Engineering.

UK area sales manager Steve Andrews will be joining Miramar to head up all Door System related activities in the UK. Steve can be reached by phone, +44 07940 062747, or by e-mail: [email protected]  

The ideal and strong partner for Door System

With a heritage of quality and care, Door System has long been established as the premium door supplier in the UK. Miramar Engineering are a national engineering provider with automated door experience and service reach to provide unrivalled support to its clients.

The agreement will result in a premium product being available for installation now with a nationwide manufacturer and a trained engineering force to provide after sales support, service and parts supply. 

“Miramar is an ideal and strong partner for Door System. It gives us new opportunities to grow and increase sales in the UK. Despite Brexit, we therefore have high expectations for the development in the UK market", says Søren Rahbek, sales manager at Door System.

Quality product and quality service

Miramar CEO, Gregory Pelling, says: “Establishing this agreement is the result of both hard work and a recognition of potential from both sides, my team are relentless in the pursuit of quality service and the opportunity to bring this to backing a quality product is something we will enjoy.” 

The coming together of these two companies brings great benefit to both parties, but more importantly it represents a big advance in the ability and reach of Door System in the UK.

If you have any questions regarding the new set-up, please contact our sales manager Søren Rahbek on phone +45 42 14 52 02 or e-mail [email protected].

New pharma sliding door for clean room class C

The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for doors and door solutions, not least in terms of hygiene and safety, and the corona situation has tightened the requirements further.

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed this sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C. The sliding rail and automation unit are completely closed off. There are no edges or cavities that can collect dirt. It is very easy to clean and easy to wipe off, for example, at the bottom photocell and the sloping edges.

Security functions

The door has been developed with 10 mm of air all the way around, so it is easy to control the air pressure for those responsible for HVAC (ventilation). The doors are also equipped with green, yellow and red LED lights (hidden in the casing), which increases safety.

There are no less than 6 security functions that monitor the door, for example, radar is mounted in the casing, both at the front and behind the door leaf so that it does not hit anyone when the door opens.

The control is hidden in the casing

The control for the door is hidden in the casing, so you avoid having to make room for a control unit next to the door. The casing can be made so that it goes all the way to the ceiling and is just closed with a silicone strip.  If the ceiling is tall, the casing can be constructed as a closed box with a sloping edge, so that dirt does not accumulate.

Read more about our sliding doors for clean rooms.

If you have special requirements for your new sliding door, contact us and we will find a solution together. Call our sales manager Søren Rahbek on +45 42 14 52 02 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Case Study Cash & Carry facility Freezer Store.

Why do our customers buy from us?

Here is one of the problems we have helped to solve.

Back in June 2016 we were initially contacted to visit a prospective customer and quote to supply and install a rapid rise door in a cash & carry freezer. The customer had an existing automatic sliding door which was constantly being damaged and spent long periods of time out of commission. As a result, the door was mainly being operated manually and this incurred increased energy costs and call outs to repair damage.

We visited the site and made our recommendations and submitted our quotation as did several other suppliers offering similar products. On this occasion we were unsuccessful and considered to be too expensive compared to the other quotations.

The company ordered the door from a competitor and it was duly installed. From the outset it was clear that the supplied product was not fit for purpose as ice build-up on the door and walls was considered to be unsafe. After several modifications by the supplier including a completely different curtain and the addition of heater tapes & transformers, the door still did not perform as expected.

In July 2018 we were asked to attend the same facility and asked if we could modify the door to improve its performance. Unfortunately, this was not possible. We did however recommend that the client visit one of existing customers facility to view our product in a similar environment.

The client was shocked to see the difference in performance and energy saving benefits.

Reliability and energy saving

In August 2018 we removed the existing rapid roll door and replaced it with our DS850 model Freezer door.

The customer has benefited from reliability, energy saving and peace of mind from our products.

We have since been the preferred supplier on a new facility with a similar setup in Leeds and the doors have been installed in an Airlock configuration, increasing the efficiency of the freezer.

For further information or requests, please contact Steve Andrews on phone 07940 062747 or
e-mail [email protected]

The process from fire testing to CE-marked door

With the introduction of new, tougher rules on fire approval, fire sliding doors and exterior fire doors must now be tested, approved and also CE-marked in accordance with EN 16034 (the new European standard for fire doors which has replaced the Danish standard DS 1052).

Last week, our brand-new fire sliding door passed fire test no. 2, which, like all other fire tests, is conducted at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI). The new sliding door lasted for almost 1 hour and 16 minutes, which is well above the thresholds of 1 hour and 1 hour and 8 minutes. The last few minutes actually mean a lot when it comes to the application potential of the sliding door.

Although the sliding door has passed the fire test, there is still some work that needs to be done before it is ready for sale.

What is the door approved for?

In principle, an approved fire test only allows the sale of a door similar to the specific door that has been tested and approved, with very limited possibility of adjusting its size. An Extended Application Report (EXAP) will be prepared in cooperation between DBI and Door System so as to be able to offer as many options as possible.

The EXAP will allow us to meet more of our customers’ demands with respect to height, width, installation of alarms, magnets, automatics, braking system, etc.Based on the EXAP, DBI prepares a Classification Report to document which applications the door has been approved for.

“If you need to change the type of wall or add a window, sealings or a personnel door in the sliding door, a new fire test is required,” says Quality Manager Brita Rosenbech, Door System. 

Review of our production processes

The next step is a review of our production processes and subsequent approval by a certification institute, a so-called FPC approval (Factory Production Control). This will be carried out once a year starting this year, to ensure a uniform production of our products. This control will ensure that the requirements for traceability, control and documentation in accordance with EN 16034 are met during the manufacture of the fire doors. This is our way of guaranteeing our customers the same high quality product over and over again.

After having obtained the FPC approval, a CPR certificate is issued from the certification body.


When the Classification report and the CPR certificate are available, we can supply the fire sliding door with the CE-mark. The CE-mark, together with the Declaration of Performance, is documentation that the door has been approved in accordance with EN 16034.

We expect the above process and approvals in the lead-up to CE-marking to take about two months. Therefore, we reckon that the first brand-new fire sliding door will leave the factory around 1 June.

If you have any questions or would like more information about fire approval, the process and the new rules, please contact Brita Rosenbech, Quality Manager, Door System A/S. Call (+45) 42 14 52 04, or send an e-mail to: [email protected] 

If you have any specific queries or would like some more information about the new fire sliding door, you are welcome to contact sales manager Søren Rahbek. Call (+45) 42 14 52 02 or send an e-mail to [email protected] 

New rules on fire doors and sliding fire doors effective as at 1 November 2019

As a result of new rules effective as at 1 November 2019, the sale of sliding fire doors and external fire doors which have not been approved and CE marked in accordance with the new European standard EN 16034 is not allowed. The old fire classes BD30 and BS60 have been replaced by the new fire classes EI230 and EI260, respectively.

All external hinged fire doors must therefore be CE marked. Door System has long been selling hinged fire doors that have been tested and approved in accordance with the new standard. Now that our production system has been approved, we can begin CE marking our hinged fire doors.

“Sliding fire doors must also be CE marked from 1 November 2019. We have long been selling tested and approved sliding fire doors in accordance with EN 1634 and EN 13501-1, and work with the final approvals for the CE marking of our sliding fire doors is in full swing,” says Brita Rosenbech, quality manager at Door System.

If you have any questions about the new rules on fire doors and sliding fire doors, or if you require advice and guidance, you are very welcome to call us at +45 8692 1171.

Door System and Danish Crown enter major service contract

Door System and Danish Crown have entered a comprehensive contract for the service and repair of doors and gates at all of Danish Crown’s and Tulip’s factories in Denmark, Sweden, England and Germany. The contract, which will initially run for three years, currently includes 45 factories (the consequences of Danish Crown's sale of English Tulip Limited are not yet known).

Over the past several years, we have been working closely with Danish Crown on door and gate solutions, including fire-proof solutions—an area in which Danish Crown places great demands on its suppliers. Having spent a lot of time and resources ensuring the necessary documentation and certification, Door System is at the forefront when it comes to fire-proof doors and gates meeting the European standards.

Although we went through a long selection process, Danish Crown was never in doubt that Door System was the preferred service partner.

“Door System is the perfect match. We now have a strong professional partner with extensive experience of the food industry and who offers products and services of the right quality and at the right price,” says Rudy Kowal, Category Manager at Danish Crown.

Service management

In Denmark, servicing is managed by Door System's own service engineers, and as something new, all foreign servicing will be managed by service partners carefully selected by us. We guarantee that Danish Crown gets the quality they demand, and which forms the basis for the service contract. We have already secured contracts with Door System Sweden in Sweden and Anglia Door Systems in England.

To manage all the new services and service partners, we have developed a completely new online system to manage the communication between the individual factories, Door System and the service partners. The system allows you to follow the services closely and ensure that Danish Crown is given the help and quality they need.

“We believe that the service partner concept may pave the way for further export, which is another important strategic point for us,” says Søren Rahbek, Sales Manager at Door System.

Growing Service Department

Door System's service activities have grown markedly in recent years, and in the Danish department our service staff has expanded significantly.

“We see this contract as a natural development of our national service department. We perform services anywhere in Denmark thanks to our flexible set-up,” says Brian Ankjær Jakobsen, Service and Installation Manager at Door System.

In Denmark, Door System only uses experienced Danish service people who are trained in performing service and installation jobs. 

“Today we have a service department that is able to perform service and installation jobs of a high quality and who can handle and match the requirements of a customer like Danish Crown. There’s no doubt that once the contract has been fully implemented, we’ll have created a platform that enables us to fulfil new major tasks, in Denmark and in the European markets where we are represented,” says Brian Ankjær Jakobsen.

It all started in the food industry

The food industry has always been a major market segment for Door System. As a matter of fact, this is where it all started more than 20 years ago with the supply of hinged doors and sliding gates to the food industry, hygiene and durability being two essential parameters. Since then, the range has expanded significantly. However, Door System still focuses on developing and manufacturing strong and fully insulated door solutions that keep the cost of energy, operation and maintenance to a minimum.

“I’m proud that, after 21 years, the company now has a size and organisation capable of entering an agreement with one of the largest abattoirs in the world,” says Preben Søndergaard, owner and director of Door System.

For more information please contact:
Søren Rahbek, Sales Manager at Door System A/S, phone +45 42 14 52 02, [email protected] 
Brian Ankjær Jakobsen, Service and Installation Manager at Door System A/S, phone +45 42 14 52 10, [email protected] 

Nicklas Nielsen set to drive Le Mans, 2020 - really well done!

Nicklas Nielsen set to drive Le Mans in 2020!

Hearty congratulations to Nicklas, who has secured an agreement with the factory-supported Italian Ferrari team AF Corse, and this autumn will take part in the World Sportscar Championships, WEC - the World Endurance Championship, and will therefore also drive in the 24 hours Le Mans in a Ferrari in 2020 - with Door System on the racing suit.

Nicklas has previously worked as a driver at Door System, and we are one of Nicklas' sponsors and have been for six years now. We have always believed that Nicklas could go all the way with his enormous talent - and we are extremely happy and proud that Nicklas has managed to reach such a significant milestone at just 22 years of age.

“I feel I've come to the right place. By giving me a seat in the WEC the team is demonstrating that they believe I have something they can use in the future. I've always been a huge fan of Ferrari. So, driving for the Ferrari brand in the European Le Mans Series, the Italian GT and now also in the WEC is absolutely crazy,” says Nicklas Nielsen. 

We look forward to following Nicklas in the WEC, not least seeing him at Le Mans in 2020.

Door System expands its range to include dock levellers and shelters & seals

Door System expands its range to include dock levellers and shelters & seals. We initiates cooperation with Dutch Stertil, which is a quality supplier within the two product areas.

We meet an increased demand for dock levellers and shelters, so it has been a logical choice to expand the range with precisely those products.

Our own door solutions are of the highest quality and therefore Stertil is a great match, as their focus is also on high quality and long durability instead of the lowest price. As for our own solutions, it is the high degree of operational reliability and low maintenance costs that makes it a favorable investment in terms of the entire operational life.

Also included in the range from Stertil is COMBILOK®, a patented vehicle restraint system. COMBILOK® can help reduce the risk of accidents and serious personal injuries by preventing the vehicles driving away prematurely from the dock.

The cooperation with Stertil gives us a strong range within loading bay dock equipment and we also handle the service part.

Read more about Dock Levellers – click here
Read more about Shelters & Seals – click here
Read more about COMBILOK® – click here

NEW! Price competitive DS260 alu-roller door

Door System has developed a new very price competitive DS260 roller door. The new high-speed roller door has frame legs and a bottom-bar in aluminum and is for internal use in areas without particular wind-load. The alu-roller door does not take up much space. The frame legs are slimline and there is a low headroom.

The DS260 is available in sizes up to 3.0 x 3.0 m and will be an obvious choice for supermarkets, DIY stores, warehouses and retailers in general.

The DS260 is equipped with a 2 mm reinforced cloth and manufactured to withstand collisions so unnecessary downtime is avoided. If the cloth is pushed out of the track, you just drive the door up and then it falls into place.

The door is built with very few wearing parts, and that means significant reduced maintenance costs, high durability and long life. The alu-roller door has good safety with photocells in frame and boom, to avoid personal accidents. In addition, it can be supplied with battery back-up 500 built into the controller so that it can function as an emergency exit if the power goes, e.g. due to a fire.

Read more about DS260 – click here, where you can also download a data sheet.

DS800 rapid roll freezer doors to Marja Bothnia Berries in Finland

Our Finnish customer Marja Bothnia Berries delivers fresh natural berries all over Europe. They must ensure that the tastes of the berries are best preserved. This is ensured by quick-freezing before the berries are transported to the customers.

When the berries come in fresh from the forests, many tons must be handled in a short time. Therefore, it is important for Marja Bothnia to have many blast freezers ready for the task. With Door System DS800 they were able to install 6 freezers in the limited space. In addition to taking up minimal space, the narrow access conditions make a flexible door solution advisable. With narrow turns and heavy pallets, contact is almost inevitable, and here the flexible door curtain on the DS800 is very resilient.

Elsewhere in the factory, it was the high opening and closing speed, which determined the choice for an energy-optimal solution, that saves money on the energy bill and has a positive impact on the CO2-accounts.

For more information about our DS800 rapid roll freezer door, see here where you have product information and gallery with several examples of solutions installed at our customers. You are also very welcome to contact Søren Rahbek on telephone 42 14 52 02 or by e-mail [email protected].