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Quality and innovation

Since 1998, Door System has developed, manufactured and installed doors and gates for European industrial companies.

Our philosophy has always been to manufacture door solutions of the very best quality. 

This also means, our solutions are not always the cheapest. Door System remains convinced that a high degree of operational reliability, great energy savings and low maintenance costs make our doors a sound investment when it comes to the overall operational life of the doors.

Co-operation with the end customers

Our close co-operation with the end customers is a high priority for us. After all, they are the users of our solutions. To solve a problem for a customer adds value to our company.

Our own factory in Denmark

We develop and manufacture all doors and gates at our factory in Denmark. Benefiting from many years of experience, a wealth of knowledge and insight, our staff is one of the most important reasons for our high quality and innovative solutions.

A fantastic journey through more than 25 years

Door System A/S could celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2023. Back in 1998, Preben Søndergaard, owner and CEO, started out on the kitchen counter in his Hasselager home. At the time, the philosophy was, and still is, that with an innovative mindset it is possible to create competitive door solutions of the highest quality - made in Denmark.

Today, Door System has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of doors and gates in Denmark with more than 70 employees.

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Climate accounts and LCA report – documentation of our environmental impacts

At Door System, we are aware of the responsibility we bear towards the climate as a result of the environmental impacts that our products and the production of doors and gates create. We work determinedly to map our CO2 emissions and document our environmental impact. We have reached out to our suppliers to get accurate data on their specific products. Similarly, we have worked to document our own production consumption.

Read more about our work with sustainability.

Quality pays

Door System develops all solutions based on the same philosophy: quality pays in the long run – both for our customers and for us. We make a living by selling door solutions – not spare parts.

Experienced employees

In order to realise our philosophy, we have chosen not to follow the trend, and we have joined our production and development under one roof in Denmark. Our employees are hand-picked, innovative and very experienced. They focus on doing everything a little bit better, minimising error and reducing maintenance costs.

Easier and smarter

Door System benefits from more than 25 years of experience manufacturing steel doors and gates and, we have a genuine interest in making things easy and smart. Therefore, you can be confident that we have the right base on which to build your solution. One customer’s problems are often similar to another customer’s problems. Therefore, the Door System motto is “standardising uniqueness”.

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