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EI260-C fire doors for cold stores

Fire doors for cold stores must be tested in accordance with the European standard EN 1634 and approved in accordance with EN 13501-2. The old fire classes BD30 and BS60 have been replaced by the new fire classes EI230 and EI260.

Door System supplies single and double-leaf EI260-C fire doors for cold stores in accordance with the European standard.

Fire tested with functions and equipment

Our fire doors have been tested and approved with a wide range of functions and equipment which make them particularly suitable for cold stores. The fire doors have been tested with durable gaskets and a fire blanket underneath. They have also been tested with a magnetic contact, which will allow them to interact with the refrigeration system, and likewise with an electronic lock and cable loop to enable access control. The fire doors are available with frame heating to minimise the risk of condensation. All Door System’s EI260-C fire doors have been tested from both sides at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI).

Many pitfalls in assembly

How to protect a cold store properly against fire and avoid thermal bridges? What to do if the cold store has already been installed when you find out that there are specific fire safety requirements for the door? Are you allowed to install a fire door directly in a cold store door panel?

The questions are many and the pitfalls numerous. During the past several years, Door System has supplied fire door solutions to many cold stores. Talk to us before planning your next project or call us if you are unsure how to proceed. We can help prepare the project material, and we are also happy to help you obtain the necessary approvals from the fire authorities.

Important characteristics of our EI260-C fire doors for cold stores

Door case with silicone seals

Door case with silicone seals

The EI260-C fire door is supplied with the silicone seals and fire door foam it has been tested and approved with. It has a welded door case and an optimum design in terms of hygiene.

Fire window in EI260 hinged fire door

Fire window

The EI260-C fire door can be supplied tested and approved with a fire window up to the standard size of 2 x 800mm. The fire window has chamfered edges and is available also with countersunk screws for use e.g. in pharmaceutical companies. The shown window is a standard fire window, not a double-glazed window for cold stores.

Fire door frame

Fire door frame

By default the EI260 fire door frame is made in stainless steel. This makes the door very cleaning-friendly and suitable for instance for food processing environments. The frame is punched out and welded, ensuring a stylish solution

Installation of fire doors in cold stores

"When we install fire doors in cold stores, the challenge is that the cold insulating materials we use are flammable. Therefore, the nature of the wall itself is crucial if we are to meet the fire safety requirements and ensure a cold store with premium insulation," says Søren Rahbek, sales manager at Door System.

Cold stores are typically built with PUR panels, which have high insulation capacity. However, they are also highly flammable. So, unless the fire door is secured in an EI60 approved firewall, it will not provide any protection in case of fire.

We recommend installing the fire door in the firewall with a D frame and associated counterframe as in the solution shown in the drawing (click on the picture to enlarge). We ensure that the frame is fully insulated, but we do not do the actual insulation work between the two walls. On demand, the frame can be equipped with hot-wire.

Special conditions in cold stores and/or the interior design may require adaptation of installation and frame design. Talk to us and we will find the right solution

For further information or requests, please contact Søren Rahbek on phone +45 42 14 52 02 or e-mail [email protected] - or use the contact form below.

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