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DS260 roller door does not take up much space

Door System has developed a very price competitive DS260 roller door. The new high-speed roller door has frame legs and a bottom-bar in aluminum and is for internal use in areas without particular wind-load. The alu roller door does not take up much space. The frame legs are slimline with a width of 87 mm, which is 40 mm narrower than normal. At the same time, there is a low headroom of only 415 mm, which also reduces the requirement for ceiling height.

The DS260 is available in sizes up to 3.0 x 3.0 m and will be ideal for supermarkets, DIY stores, warehouses and retailers in general.

Reliable and long life

The DS260 is equipped with a 2 mm reinforced curtain and manufactured to withstand collisions so unnecessary downtime is avoided. The simple collision protection makes it easy for your own people to get the door back in place. The door is built with very few wearing parts, and that means significant reduced maintenance costs, high durability and long life.

Protection and emergency

The new alu-roller door has good safety with photocells in frame and boom, to avoid personal accidents. In addition, it can be supplied with battery back-up 500 built into the controller so that it can function as an emergency exit if the power goes, e.g. due to a fire and the employees must be able to quickly get out through the warehouse.

Modern control

The DS260, like our other roller ports, has the market's most modern control with frequency converter, which makes it possible to set the speed to suit the traffic. It ensures a slow start-up and braking to reduce wear on the door, while also reducing noise to a minimum.

Important characteristics of DS260 roller door

Slimline aluminium frame legs on DS260 roller door

Slimline frame legs

The frame legs and bottom bar are made in aluminium. If required, they may be replaced by components in stainless steel. The door does not take up much space - for instance, it has slimline frame legs with a width of just 87mm, 40mm less than the standard design.

Wear-resistant door curtain

Wear-resistant door curtain

The DS260 also features Door System's hard-wearing 2mm reinforced door curtain. The door can be supplied with integrated windows, adapted in number and size to the customer's specifications. The fabric is available in several colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, light grey, and dark grey.

Gear and motor on roller door

Reliable motor and gears

The DS290 is equipped with the best motor available on the market. A thoroughly tested motor and gears which for more than 10 years have proved to be highly stable and reliable. All components are of excellent quality.

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