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Roller door for smaller doorways

Door System's DS290 roller door is designed for smaller doorways. It is extremely low-noise and highly reliable. It comes with a maximum width of 2.0 m and a height of 3.0 m. The DS290 is designed for areas without particular requirements for insulation and it's an optimum choice to prevent draught between the warehouse and the shop.

DS290 is suitable for areas with elevated requirements on hygiene. However, it is optionally available in stainless steel which will meet stricter requirements. It has galvanised frame legs and a 2 mm reinforced curtain.


The DS290 is a highly reliable roller door - tested and proven in daily operation. Therefore, we can guarantee that it will withstand more than 1 million operations. The door is designed with very few wearing parts, which significantly reduces maintenance costs and gives a long service life. The simple collision protection makes it easy for your own people to get the door back in place after a collision.

Opening speed 2.0 m/sec

The DS290 is developed to meet the industry's need for efficiency. We know that time is essential and therefore, the DS290 is designed with an opening speed of up to 2.0 m/sec. This way we eliminate any waste of time during passage between the warehouse and the shop, to fully utilise every single minute.

Modern control

The DS290 has the market's most modern control with frequency converter as standard, which makes it possible to set the speed to match the traffic. It ensures a slow start-up and braking to reduce wear on the door, while also reducing noise to a minimum.

Important characteristics of DS290 roller door

Gear and motor on roller door

Reliable motor and gears

The DS290 is equipped with the best motor available on the market. A thoroughly tested motor and gears which for more than 10 years have proved to be highly stable and reliable. All components are of excellent quality.

Angular bottom section on roller door

Angular bottom section

The 2mm profile frames give the roller doors an extremely sturdy design, requiring only a minimum of maintenance. The angular bottom section secures the frame to make it less vulnerable in case of collisions. This ensures increased stability and high operational reliability.

Stainless steel shaft

Stainless steel shaft in the top roll

The roller door is equipped with a stainless steel shaft in the top roll. The shaft is shrink-fitted into place and locked with a bolt. It does not wear out or corrode and requires only a minimum of maintenance. On the DS290 roller door, the centre tube is in ø120mm aluminium.

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