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Developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry

Door System's roller door DS320P has been developed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, where hygiene and reliability are paramount. DS320P can be manufactured in sizes up to 4.0 x 4.0 m.

The frame legs are made in 2 mm stainless steel and can easily be removed using a screwdriver to enable cleaning inside the casing and around the cloth. For personal safety reason, the door is provided with 2 narrow beam radars, one on each side of the door.


DS320P is developed to be 100% cleanable. There are no hidden cavities or edges that gather dirt. It is constructed so that the water runs off. Everything that has to be cleaned can be cleaned. The rest is encapsulated to shield it from contact with the surroundings. Motor and gears are placed in a waterproof stainless steel box outside the roll.

Pressure differences up to 15 Pa

DS320P is built to withstand the excess pressure that is created in the pharmaceutical production to ensure a clinical environment. This means a pressure difference in the doorway between two rooms. Door System has therefore designed its doors to function in surroundings with pressure differences of up to 15 Pa.

Interlock System

Hygiene production often requires doors to be locked in relation to each other, and the interlock function is standard in all Door System automatic doors. The door can also be combined with other automatic installations, such as conveyor belts, locks and loading ramps. In case of accident, the DS320P control unit will identify where the problem is, and most problems can be solved with a phone call and a screwdriver to quickly get your door back in operation.

Important characteristics of DS320P roller door

Stainless casing

Fully welded stainless casing

The casing on the DS320P roller door is designed to meet the strict requirements on hygiene in the pharmaceutical industry. The roller door is mounted in an easy-to-clean fully welded stainless casing.

Stainless shaft

Stainless steel shaft in the top roll

The roller door is equipped with a stainless steel shaft in the top roll. The shaft is shrink-fitted into place and locked with a bolt. It does not wear out or corrode and requires only a minimum of maintenance. On the DS320P roller door, the centre tube is in ø120mm aluminium.

Frame leg being detached

Detachable frame legs

A clean environment has been an essential element in the design of the DS320P roller door. For instance, the frame legs can be easily detached by means of a screwdriver to permit cleaning inside the frame and around the door curtain.

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