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Roller door for large doorways

Door System's roller doors DS300-DS305 are designed for large doorways in industrial buildings with elevated requirements to hygiene. They are highly suitable for protection against draught, dust and odours. The DS300 is available in sizes up to 4 x 3.4 m, however not exceeding a total area of 10 m2 for locations with normal wind-load. The door is also made in a similar version, DS305, which is available in sizes up to 4 x 5 m, however not exceeding a total area of 14 m2 for locations with normal wind-load.

DS300-DS305 have the market's most modern control with frequency converter as standard, which makes it possible to set the speed to match the traffic. It ensures a slow start-up and braking to reduce wear on the door, while also reducing noise to a minimum.

1.5 kW motor power

DS300-DS305 are an upgraded version of our DS290 roller door with a much more powerful motor. DS300-DS305 are manufactured in larger dimensions for large doorways without particularly high wind-loads. An obvious solution for passageways between warehouse buildings or as an inside door in e.g. slaughterhouses, fish processing plants and dairies.

Cleaning friendliness

DS300-DS305 were developed for industrial areas with elevated requirements on hygiene. They are highly suitable for protection against draught, dust and odours. The doors are available in stainless steel, which makes them 100% hygienic – and the stainless finish also meets the strictest requirements in the food industry.

A wealth of options

The DS300-DS305 control unit is the market's most modern featuring all the facilities you may need. The doors can also be integrated into other automatic installations such as conveyor belts and as part of a lock system with other doors. If any fault should arise, the control unit will identify where the problem is, and most problems can be solved with a phone call and a screwdriver to quickly get your door back in operation.

Important characteristics of DS300-DS305 roller door

Aluminium motor

Powerful motor

The DS300-DS305 roller doors are equipped with a powerful 1.5kW aluminium motor. The motor and gears are thoroughly tested high-quality Italian components with EMC-approved cable connectors. The unit also features a motor brake and a manually operated lifting device for use during power outages.

Angular bottom section on roller door

Angular bottom section

The 2mm profile frames give the roller doors an extremely sturdy design, requiring only a minimum of maintenance. The angular bottom section secures the frame to make it less vulnerable in case of collisions. This ensures increased stability and high operational reliability.

Wear-resistant door curtain

Wear-resistant door curtain

The DS300-DS305 feature Door System's well-known, hard-wearing 2mm reinforced door curtain. The doors can be supplied with integrated windows, adapted in number and size to the customer's specifications. The fabric is available in several colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, light grey, and dark grey.

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