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Swing doors – ideal for areas with heavy traffic

At Door System, we have developed our very own polycarbonate swing door, designed to last for many years. For instance, the hinges are designed with the spring integrated in the aluminum profile.

Polycarbonate swing doors are cost-efficient, extremely strong and optimised for areas with heavy traffic. Polycarbonate is a type of plastic which is rather light but nevertheless hard and resistant to for instance heat and cold. As the material is next to break-proof, it is ideal for use in swing doors.

5mm door leaf

The door leaf is made of 5mm hard, transparent polycarbonate plastic. This material is extremely impact-resistant and thus capable of withstanding minor collisions. The completely transparent material offers a full view and thus a safe passage for approaching forklifts or staff members on foot. A coloured wear plate is fitted to the lower part of the door leaf to ensure additional stability.

1mm stainless steel frame

By default, our doors are supplied with a 1.0 mm stainless steel frame, and the door leaf consists of a heavy aluminium profile fitted with a rear edge strip designed to minimise the risk of pinch injuries. The hinges are developed by Door System, and the hinge springs are integrated into the aluminium profile, so that you will not need to drill a hole in the wall to accommodate the springs.

High traffic loads – two areas

Industrial traffic doors are suitable for areas with high traffic loads where you need to effectively separate two areas, such as cold/heat, dark/light or clean/dirty. The hygienic materials chosen make the door perfect for use in the food industry, and it is often used in bakeries, butcher shops, canteens or industrial kitchens. However, the door is also frequently used in supermarkets and other places where e.g. a storage area needs to be separated from a retail area.

Important characteristics of Door System's polycarbonate swing doors

Stable back

Strong, stable back

Our polycarbonate swing doors all have a very robust design with a strong, stable back able to withstand heavy traffic loads. If required, the aluminium profile may be opened to replace the polycarbonate plate.

Swing door profile with integrated spring

Springs integrated in the profile

The springs in our swing doors are installed in the frame and not in the wall. They are integrated into the aluminium profile and do not require any installation holes in the wall. This is a tight and reliable system which also offers optimum cleanability.

Impact bracket on swing door

Reinforced with impact brackets

Our swing doors can be reinforced with black impact brackets in sturdy plastic which help to protect the doors against collisions and further extend their useful lives. For optimum protection, several impact brackets may be installed on each door leaf.

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