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Meets the food industry's stringent hygiene requirements

Door System's cold store and freezer room doors are made in a simple, functional and wear-resistant design. We use materials with a high insulating capacity, and our doors come with thick gaskets to ensure that the doors closes completely tightly - saving you money on the heating bill.

Our doors are made to measure based on your specifications and supplied with various door leaf thicknesses. We use plate thicknesses of at least 0.8 mm, typically even thicker, so you get a highly wear-resistant door and minimises the risk of denting - your doors simply look better for longer.

Designed with care

We always chamfer the edges of our door leaves and door frames to optimise the solution in terms of cleaning – and to meet the strict hygiene requirements applying in the food industry. The doors are sealed with silicone rubber that is suitable for all sorts of production, but particularly for food companies, as it does not give off any odour, taste or toxic substance.

Stricter fire requirements

The fire requirements have been intensified in recent years, and rightly so. High insulating capacity and effective fire protection often presents a challenge, as materials with a high insulating capacity are often flammable as well. Door System supplies single and double-leaf EI260-C fire doors for cold stores in accordance with the European standard - read more.

Specially developed hinges

We have developed our own range of hinges, where we have moved the centre of rotation to prevent friction between the door frame and gaskets, thereby eliminating the wear on the rubber sealing list. In addition, we use hinges which are stronger than those on competing products, all of which means that your door will readily swing open - even after 10-15 years of service.

Important characteristics of Door System's cold store and freezer room doors

Hinge for freezer room

Freezer door hinge

Specially developed hinges contribute to minimising wear and tear and extend the useful lives of our door solutions. For freezer doors we often use this freezer hinge, but the doors can also be supplied with e.g. Fermod elevating hinges.

Sealing strip on top of door

Efficient sealing strips

Our cold storage and freezer doors come with robust, efficient gaskets with sealing strips which tolerate most detergents. This picture shows the upper part and the corner joint on a stainless steel cold store door.

Welded frame

Welded frame

The door leaf and frame have chamfered edges, making them cleaning-friendly and helping to ensure compliance with strict hygiene requirements. The frame is punched out and welded, making it also an elegant and homogeneous door solution.

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