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Approved and CE marked EI260-C fire sliding doors

According to new rules per 1 November 2019, the sale of fire sliding doors which have not been approved and CE marked in accordance with the new European standard EN 16034 is not allowed. The old fire classes BD30 and BS60 have been replaced by the new fire classes EI230 and EI260, respectively. However, fire sliding doors primarily for pedestrian traffic do not as yet fall within the scope of the new European standard and may still be supplied in accordance with the national standard DS 1052.2.

Recently, we have developed a brand new EI260-C fire sliding door. The fire sliding door is manufactured in Denmark and tested from both sides at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) in accordance with EN 1634.

Reliable and easy to clean

The new fire sliding door is reliable and robust thanks to its stainless-steel frames. It comes as manually operated or as automatically operated with our well-known control panel. With its closed frames and door leaf, the fire sliding door is easy to clean.

New pharma fire sliding door

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed a new sliding door that meets the industry's stringent requirements, not least in terms of hygiene and safety. Door System's new certified fire sliding door has been adapted to the pharmaceutical requirements.

Fire approvals and the new rules

For further information about fire approvals and the new rules, please contact: Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager at Door System A/S, +45 42 14 52 04, [email protected]

If you have specific inquiries or need further information about the new fire sliding door, you are very welcome to contact our sales manager Søren Rahbek on phone +45 42 14 52 02 or by e-mail [email protected].

Tested and approved: Door System’s fire sliding door mounted in a panel wall - with a pedestrian door and windows

Our fire sliding door has been tested and approved with a pedestrian door, sealings and a window, and mounted in a panel wall. As always, the fire resistance test was performed at The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI), and the fire sliding door achieved the important 1 hour and 8 minutes resistance rating, which means a lot when it comes to the application potential of the sliding door.

We now offer fire sliding doors tested and approved for panel walls. A panel wall moves a lot under fire and requires a specially developed frame to ensure that it works well with the sliding door. Therefore, the sliding door must also be tested when installed in a panel wall.

As always, the fire protection test was carried out at DBI, The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology. The fire sliding door was tested in a panel wall with a pedestrian door, windows and seals. The pedestrian door had level-free access and will be able to function as an escape route. Windows had been installed in the pedestrian door as well as the sliding door. 

“At the moment, there is a growing demand for fire sliding doors installed in panel walls with pedestrian door and windows; therefore, it was important to have the entire solution tested and approved", says Brita Rosenbech, Technical Manager at Door System.

Achieving the important threshold limit of 1h and 8 min.

The fire sliding door sustained the initial essential time limit of 1 hour and then 1 hour and 8 minutes, which means increased application potential. The last minutes are crucial.

An Extended Application Report, EXAP, is prepared in cooperation between DBI and Door System to diversify and customise our product line. The EXAP allows Door System to meet various customer demands, such as height, width, location of the window, door, lock box, painting of the door, installation of kick plates, etc.

Based on the EXAP, DBI draws up a Classification Report documenting the approval of the door and describing, in detail, what the fire sliding door has been approved for.

As part of the approval process, DBI paid a visit to Door System before the fire protection test was performed to monitor and approve the assembly of the door.

“All in all, the process shows that the demands for fire protection, and not least the proper documentation, have become much more stringent. Test, approval and CE marking are now in accordance with the new European standard EN 16034, which has replaced the Danish standard DS 1052", says Brita Rosenbech.

Door System's EI260-C fire sliding door is shown mounted and in operation at a Danish cattle abattoir.

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