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Maximum speed and reliability in all conditions

DS700 roller door is designed to offer maximum speed and reliability in all conditions. The door can withstand heavy wind-loads, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The unique collision protection makes it quick and easy to get the door back in operation after a collision.

DS700 is available in sizes up to 7.0 x 6.0 m, however not exceeding a total area of 20 m2. In addition, DS700 meets all the strict requirements of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Wind protection up to 18 m/sec

The DS700 is an outdoor roller door designed to withstand most conditions. In the standard version, the door can withstand wind-loads up to 18 m/sec. Additional wind protection which increases the door’s wind resistance to wind class 3 is available as an option.

Reinforced curtain

DS700 is supplied with 2 mm reinforced curtain, flashing in 1 mm stainless steel and frame legs in 3 mm stainless steel, AISI 304. At Door System we never compromise on the quality. The long term costs of choosing the second best materials can never make up for the resulting reduction in quality and safety.

Specially developed control

Door System has developed the control unit, which offers all the facilities you may need. It is equipped with a built-in frequency converter which makes it possible to set the speed to match the traffic. This also results in smooth operation with minimum wear. Special features for integration with other door solutions are included and need only to be set on installation.

Important characteristics of DS700 roller door

Specially built motor for DS700 to withstand high wind loads

Specially built motor

The DS700 roller door is equipped with this highly powerful and hard-wearing cast-iron motor capable of withstanding even very high wind loads. The motor has a customised gearing design and an extra high torque ratio and is extremely reliable.

DS700 breakaway system with wheels

Breakaway system

The DS700 is designed with a customised breakaway system incorporating wheels, which makes it extremely reliable, even during strong winds. This system reduces the friction to facilitate the door's movements, which is particularly useful when it is rolling down.

Wear-resistant door curtain

Wear-resistant door curtain

The DS700 features our well-known, hard-wearing 2mm reinforced door curtain. The door can be supplied with integrated windows in the number and size specified by the customer. The fabric is available in several colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, light grey, and dark grey.

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