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Meets the strict requirements on hygiene

The DS350-DS375 roller doors are developed to meet the strict requirements on hygiene, applied in the food and pharmaceutical industries. DS350 is available in sizes up to 3.5 x 3.5 m, however not exceeding a total area of 10 m2 for locations with normal wind-loads. If you need a bigger door, choose instead the upgraded model, DS 375, which is available in sizes up to a full 5 x 5 m, however not exceeding a total area of 16 m2. DS350-DS375 is also available for freezer rooms.

In the development of DS350-DS375, a specific focus has been on making doors with as few wearing parts as possible to keep the operating costs to a minimum.

Cleaning friendliness

DS350-DS375 are available only in stainless steel, which means that everything from frames and flashings to roller shafts are made in stainless steel and thus 100% hygienic. The special 2 mm thick and hard-wearing reinforced curtain is also easy to clean.

Wind protection up to 10 m/sec

The DS350-DS375 roller doors are designed to offer protection against wind-loads of up to 10 m/sec and equipped with patented collision protection. In case of a collision, the bottom rail can easily be pushed back into place without the use of tools. This will save you from both operating interruptions and unnecessary service costs.

A wealth of options

As standard, the DS350-DS375 roller doors have the market's most modern control with frequency converter, which makes it possible to set the speed to match the traffic. It ensures a slow start-up and braking to reduce wear on the door, while also reducing noise to a minimum. The control unit is prepared for every conceivable need and can operate in conjunction with other automatic solutions.

Important characteristics of DS350-DS375 roller door

Wear-resistant door curtain

Wear-resistant door curtain

The DS350-DS375 feature Door System's well-known, hard-wearing 2mm reinforced door curtain. The doors can be supplied with integrated windows, adapted in number and size to the customer's specifications. The fabric is available in several colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, light grey, and dark grey.

3 mm stainless steel frame

3mm stainless steel frames

The DS350-DS375 roller doors are available only in stainless steel, for instance with 3mm frames bent into profile, which ensures an extremely sturdy design with a minimum of maintenance. At the same time, the design is 100% cleaning friendly.

Breakaway system

Breakaway system

The DS350-DS375 roller doors are equipped with our special breakaway system which allows them to work well also in strong wind conditions. If the door curtain is accidentally pulled out of the guide rail, it can easily be put back in place without using any tools.

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