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New pharma sliding door for clean room class C

The pharmaceutical industry has strict requirements for doors and door solutions, not least in terms of hygiene and safety, and the corona situation has tightened the requirements further.

In close collaboration with a major Danish pharmaceutical company, we have developed this sliding door with hands-free operation for clean room class C.

Hygiene design

The sliding rail and automation unit are completely closed off. There are no edges or cavities that can collect dirt. It is very easy to clean and easy to wipe off, for example, at the bottom photocell and the sloping edges.

Security functions

The door has been developed with 10 mm of air all the way around, so it is easy to control the air pressure for those responsible for HVAC (ventilation). The doors are also equipped with green, yellow and red LED lights (hidden in the casing), which increases safety.

There are no less than 6 security functions that monitor the door, for example, radar is mounted in the casing, both at the front and behind the door leaf so that it does not hit anyone when the door opens.

The control is hidden in the casing

The control for the door is hidden in the casing, so you avoid having to make room for a control unit next to the door. The casing can be made so that it goes all the way to the ceiling and is just closed with a silicone strip.  If the ceiling is tall, the casing can be constructed as a closed box with a sloping edge, so that dirt does not accumulate.

Fire sliding door

Door System's new certified fire sliding door has been adapted to the pharmaceutical requirements and was part of the delivery. Read more about our fire sliding doors.

Important characteristics of Door System's sliding doors for clean rooms

Chamfered edges on sliding door for clean room

Cleaning-friendly design

The stainless design of this door makes it very easy to clean. The chamfered edges on the door and casing prevent accumulation of dust and make it easy to wipe the edges clean.

Bottom photocell

Hygiene in every detail

Optimum hygiene is ensured, even in potentially critical places on the door, for instance at the bottom photocells and at the rail which is completely closed off. The top photocell is hidden in the top casing.

Casing on sliding door for clean room

Hidden cables and control components

All control components and cables are hidden inside the casing. There are no visible cables between the door leaf and the controllers – everything is hidden. Consequently, the cabling will not pose a critical challenge to hygiene, and you do not need to make room for a control box next to the door.

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