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Sliding doors for freezer rooms with high insulation capacity

Door System's sliding doors for freezer rooms are durable and reliable. Handles and fittings are all "hidden" and dimensioned to withstand collisions, heavy-handed use, high pace and strict hygiene requirements.

We use materials with high insulating capacity and our doors come with thick gaskets. The sliding doors have embedded bottom rail with hot wires, and there are hot wires in the door frame and the door leaf. The doors are made to measure. The sliding doors for freezer rooms are available with a door leaf thickness of 100 mm to 150 mm.

Manual and automatic sliding doors

The doors are supplied either as manually or automatically operated doors. All risks of pinch injuries are minimised and our doors always comply with the latest safety requirements. The sliding door can be integrated with other automatic installations, such as belt conveyor, lock systems and washing machines.

Wear almost 0%

Sliding doors from Door System are fast, efficient, unobtrusive and reliable. We have designed them to reduce the wear on the wheels, fittings etc. is limited to an absolute minimum. This means less service and maintenance costs, and as a result, even a sliding door can be a value creator in a company.

78 degree frame chamfer

We maintain a strong focus on hygiene! Everything must either be made, so it can be cleaned, or as a minimum encapsulated. Therefore, we have designed the door leaf and frames on our sliding doors with a 78 degree chamfer. This will prevent the door from gathering dirt and ensure that the water can run off.

Custom-made solutions

On automatic doors, the opening and closing speeds are adjusted to match the requirements. We offer specifically designed sliding doors which open at faster speeds. At Door System we often accomplish the "totally impossible" jobs and develop custom-made solutions.

Important characteristics of Door System's sliding doors for freezer rooms

Bottom rail

Embedded bottom rail

Our sliding doors for freezer rooms run on embedded bottom rails with "casting feet", offering a very high load capacity and ensuring that the door will not dislodge or wear the concrete away during daily operation. In addition, the closed-off bottom guide fittings make it easy to clean.

Motor and gear

Specially designed motor and gears

The motor and gears are specially designed. The load on the motor is minimised thanks to the gearing ratio. The 24V magnet coupler has extra protection against water splashes, etc. All components have a compact design and take up a minimum of space. Highly wear-resistant and reliable.

Sealing strip on sliding door

Efficient sealing strips

The sliding door has two insulators, and the hot wires are placed between the sealing strips, focusing the heat on the floor and door frame to ensure optimum protection against icing. The solid photocell holder at the bottom of the door protects the photocell, notably in freezing conditions.

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